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About Us

BioScience Writers was founded in 2001 by Dr. Susan Marriott, who recognized that her colleagues wanted a reviewer and proofreader who was always available at a moment’s notice. They needed someone with subject expertise in their specific area of research who could understand the science, correct English grammar errors, and improve the clarity and impact of the document. After she gathered a group of research scientists and physicians with expertise in manuscript preparation, publishing, and grant writing, BioScience Writers was born.

The editors at BioScience Writers have broad knowledge in more than 170 scientific disciplines. Each member of our editing team has authored peer-reviewed journal articles, review articles, book chapters, brochures, reports, or grant proposals. Many have served as reviewers for manuscripts and grants. Our editors have experience helping non-native English speakers perfect their scientific texts. Learn more about our editors.

We operate on a policy of transparency. Our pricing is easy to understand, and we are proud to show the expertise of our scientific and medical editors. You can easily browse our editor list for your specific area of research. We understand that having a properly matched editor with expertise in your area of research is critical to your success.

Many journals recommend our services, and all journals allow you to choose the best scientific editing service provider for your needs. We promise to work hard to be the best service provider for you. Try us, and you too will see the difference BioScience Writers can make!

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality scientific writing and editing services, together with exceptional customer service, accessible to scientists around the world.

To accomplish this goal, we offer a variety of concierge publishing services including academic editing, medical editing, scientific editing, writing workshops, as well as science technical and medical copyediting services for publishers. We offer unparalleled flexibility in all of our services as well as group discounts for associations, societies, corporations, hospitals, and universities.

About Our Logo

Our logo represents the four basic elements of life science: earth, water, air, and fire. These basic elements are the building blocks on which all scientific research is based. BioScience Writers represents the human mind, which is needed to express scientific ideas for publication and advance the human race.

Susan Marriott PhD, President

Susan Marriott, PhD, President