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Cooperative Agreement Programs

BioScience Writers offers a variety of cooperative agreement programs that provide special discounts on our professional scientific editing services to interested clients. These programs are described below.

Email or call us for more information about any of our cooperative agreement programs or to discuss a customized program that fits your needs. Each of our cooperatives can choose whether or not to be featured on our cooperative agreement page and announced in promotional communications and press releases. We always strive to develop a cooperative agreement that meets your specific needs.

Cooperative Agreements

Academic Institution Cooperative Agreements

In today's competitive environment, research institutions have recognized the benefit of providing quality editing services to help maximize the publication and fundraising efforts of their faculty and staff. Institutional cooperatives that have used our services for years prove that this service substantially benefits their publication success.

Do you want to provide scientific editing services for your faculty, researchers, or members?

Our Master Account cooperative agreement is designed for you. When your institution deposits funds into a master account with BioScience Writers, we provide a discount on all editing orders paid using master account funds. The deposited funds can be used to pay the total or partial cost of orders submitted by your faculty, researchers, or members.

Our master account cooperative agreements help to extend your institutional budget by managing the distribution of funds for individual orders and eliminating the time-consuming institutional task of processing reimbursements.

Master account agreements encourage your faculty, researchers, and members to use our professional scientific editing services by minimizing or eliminating the costs to individuals. Professionally edited manuscripts and grants fare better in the review process at journals and granting agencies, resulting in more publication and funding success for your institution.

The deposit and individual payment amounts are flexible and can be customized to meet your needs. Please email or call us for more information, or to discuss the particular needs of your institution.

Does your research group need to reduce the cost of scientific editing?

We are happy to arrange Group Discount cooperative agreement with groups of faculty or researchers, such as university departments or inter-institutional collaborators. Group discounts provide a discount for all orders submitted by members of your group. You define your group and determine how to distribute discount codes to your members. We can also link accounts so that your students or employees can easily submit documents for editing without accessing your primary account.

BioScience Writers brings on-demand personalized, discounted editing services to your group so that you can avoid the cost of maintaining an expensive on-site, full-time editing/writing group. Feel free to email or call to arrange a cooperative agreement between BioScience Writers and your group.

Association and Society Cooperative Agreements

Would you like to offer a benefit to your members at no cost to your association?

BioScience Writers is pleased to offer Professional Society Cooperative Agreements that allow scientific societies and associations to provide discounted editing services to their members. This discount is entirely free to our cooperative agreement associations, and members can use the discount as often as they like.

Arrangements that provide benefits to the society are also available. The details are very flexible, so contact us to discuss your needs. Our goal is to create the best cooperative agreement for each society. More information is available on our discount programs page, or by email or phone.

Do you want to provide your conference participants with a unique educational experience?

Our Workshop Cooperative Agreements allow you to offer BioScience Writers’ scientific writing workshops at your regularly scheduled conferences or as a special standalone offering. Offering a scientific writing workshop as part of a conference program will help your conference stand out from competing conferences and add special value for attendees who particularly appreciate receiving training in scientific writing while attending a conference.

We can arrange our scientific writing workshops to suit almost any schedule. More information about BioScience Writers’ workshops is available on our scientific writing workshops page.

We are happy to work with you to tailor a workshop agreement that best meets your needs. Contact us by email or phone to discuss what will work best for you.

Publisher Cooperative Agreements

Does your journal need occasional help with copyediting?

Our Publishing cooperative agreements provide discounted, quick-turnaround copyediting services for manuscripts accepted for publication. Publishing cooperatives receive discounts based on the volume of copyediting orders.

We will provide special invoicing for publishing cooperative agreements to help minimize payment processing tasks and accounts that allow multiple users to submit and retrieve manuscripts. We can even provide branded services for publishers with custom websites, workflows, and analytical reporting tools based on your needs. Please email or call to discuss publishing cooperative agreement options that will work for your organization.

Referral Cooperative Agreements

Do you have a science related website in search of additional revenue?

We offer an Affiliate Referral cooperative agreement to meet your needs. Simply place a banner or text link on your website using our specially designated URL and begin receiving a percentage of all orders placed by your site visitors. You will receive an account that provides real-time statistical data on the number of hits and conversions as well as a complete history of payments made. We provide banners based on your size specifications and target audience. We can also provide promotional codes for use in other distribution mechanisms.

Do you need a customized cooperative agreement?

BioScience Writers will work with you to develop a customized agreement to meet your specific needs. To discuss your needs and options for cooperative agreements to receive our high-quality scientific editing services, simply email or call us.