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Scientific Editing Discount Programs

BioScience Writers offers clients a number of discount options on our professional scientific editing services. Our most common discount programs are described below.

Please email or call for more information about any of our discount programs.

Academic Institutions and Departments

We work with a number of universities and academic institutions to provide discounted editing services for their faculty and researchers. These discounts can be designed to meet your needs, ranging from a general percentage discount on all services to institutional purchase of authorization codes that can be used by faculty for grant or manuscript editing costs. Such editing discount arrangements for academic institutions will encourage faculty to use our editing services, resulting in improved manuscripts and grants, which are typically better received upon submission to journals and granting organizations. Contact us to arrange a discount agreement for your organization.

Professional Societies, Organizations, and Associations

Our agreements with professional scientific societies, organizations, and associations can provide discounts on our editing services as a membership perk. The discount is entirely free to the society and to its members. Your society can promote the discount as desired in communications to existing or potential members and on your society website. Members can use the discount as often as they like.

In our typical society discount program, your society notifies its members that the discount is available. When members visit the BioScience Writers’ website to place an order for editing service, they select your society name from our list of member discount options. We confirm their membership and then apply the discount arranged with your society.

This discount adds value to society membership. Professional English-language scientific editing is very beneficial for native and non-native English-speaking researchers, and our membership discount provides significant cost savings on these services. Many of your members may already be our clients and would be happy to learn that their membership will now reduce their costs for a service they already use. Please contact us for more information about discounted scientific editing services for professional society and association members, and information about other benefits to your society.

Conference Attendee Discount Codes

BioScience Writers can provide a discount code to scientific conference attendees. Clients who enter the code when creating a new order receive a percentage discount off the cost of their editing order.

Workshop Attendee Discount Codes

We provide a discount code to attendees of BioScience Writers scientific writing workshops. Clients who enter the code when creating a new order receive a percentage discount off the cost of their editing order. We will be happy to arrange a scientific writing workshop at your institution or through your professional society. Please see our scientific writing workshops page for more information.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter Discount Codes

BioScience Writers regularly offers discount codes to our LinkedIn followers, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers. Clients enter these codes when creating a new order to receive a percentage discount off the cost of their editing order.

Follow us at, "like" us at, and follow us at to be eligible to use discount codes posted on these sites.


Ed Parulski, Chief Financial Officer