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Scientific Editing Payment Options

Because we understand that you may have a preferred payment method that is most convenient to you and you must adhere to your institution’s policies and procedures for paying invoices, we offer a wider range of payment methods than any other editing company. We will work directly with your institution to ensure that you do not have to spend your valuable time tracking payments.

We accept the following payment methods:


We accept most forms of personal, certified, or bank check. However, we do not accept American Express checks. Make checks payable to BioScience Writers, LLC and mail them to 8418 Bluegate St., Houston, TX 77025.

Credit Cards

We accept credit card payment using American Express, BC Card, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Your credit card payment can be made using our secure online payment system, or you can fax us your information and we will process it for you. The PayPal system should be used for payments using the BC Card or Discover as outlined below.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Wire Transfer

We accept EFTs (also called wire transfers) from more than 180 different countries. A US$25 transfer fee will be added to your invoice when this option is selected to cover bank fees. Because your bank may charge additional fees, please confirm with your bank that the full amount due will be transferred.

Electronic Direct Deposit

We gladly accept direct deposit payments. To avoid the addition of late penalties to your account, we must receive the appropriate direct deposit forms from your institution in a timely manner.

Master Account

Institutions can use our Master Account program to promote faculty publishing success by providing financial support for our editing services. The Master Account allows institutions to accurately control and track their costs toward this goal. The institution simply deposits funds to be used for full or partial payment of authorized submissions and receives a set of authorization codes that can be distributed to faculty for submission along with documents for editing. Once an order is completed, the value of the authorization code is deducted from the Master Account. We offer substantial discounts to users of this program. Please contact us for more information.

Money Order

We accept payment using any type of money order except American Express. Make money orders payable to BioScience Writers, LLC, and mail them to 8418 Bluegate St., Houston, TX 77025.


BioScience Writers, LLC is a PayPal-verified merchant. When you use PayPal to make a payment, we receive an email informing us of the payment and we credit your account accordingly. This payment method allows multiple forms of payment (i.e., bank withdrawal, credit card, etc.). We accept Discover and BC card payments exclusively through PayPal. Although having a PayPal account makes your transactions easier, you can use PayPal to make a credit card payment even if you do not have a PayPal account. You must access PayPal using a link on our website. Please do not forward money directly to our email address.

Purchase Orders

Many institutions and companies use purchase orders to standardize and streamline their purchasing process. We accept institutional and company purchase orders in most cases and will work with your institution to process those payments. There are no additional costs associated with the use of purchase orders unless the final payment is processed by EFT or wire transfer. See the EFT payment method above for more details. Our discount programs for institutions allow further savings using this common process. We do not accept purchase order payments from state institutions that require filing sales tax reports in that state in order to receive payment.

Western Union

We accept Western Union wire transfers as a payment alternative. A US $25 fee will be added to your invoice when this option is selected to cover administrative processing costs. Send us the control number, payment amount, and the name of the sender so that we can visit a Western Union office for collection. Be sure to send for pick up in the Houston Texas, USA area.

We also provide the following payment conveniences for our clients.

Account Deposits

You can deposit funds into your BioScience Writers account at any time. This will allow you to deposit remaining funds in your research budget before the funds expire. You can use this deposit on any future editing order. Any of our accepted payment methods can be used to make an account deposit, and the funds in your BioScience Writers account will never expire. This method can also save money by avoiding the bank fees associated with multiple wire transfers.

We Accept Chinese Renminbi (RMB ¥) and Alipay

We recognize that scientists in China face a publishing obstacle due to government currency controls that make it difficult to pay for services in USD. To address this problem, we are proud to offer an agreement with Renova Life, Inc. and 兰诺生物 Lannuo China that allows scientists in China to easily communicate with us about their order in their preferred language and make payments using their local currency. No discounts can be applied when using this payment method.

If you wish to pay using RMB ¥ or through Alipay, please just let us know when you place your order. You can also email or call us with any questions.

Renova Life, Inc. and 兰诺生物 Lannuo China