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Scientific Editing Quality

Scientific editing is our passion! We are proud to provide the very best quality available with reasonable prices and quick turnaround times so that you receive an excellent return on your investment.

All of BioScience Writers’ editors hold Ph.D. or M.D. degrees—we never use graduate students or editors without scientific expertise. Students and editors without science-specific training cannot provide the extensive experience and scientific knowledge required to provide high-quality editing of your manuscripts and grants.

Our premier editing service offers a number of important benefits, including the following:

  • High-quality editing is often less expensive in the end, because it eliminates the need for second or even third rounds of editing to correct mistakes or poor editing.
  • High-quality editing reflects well on you, eliminating embarrassing mistakes and poor sentence construction that low-quality editing services often leave behind.
  • High-quality editing can resolve many problems with a manuscript, from correcting spelling errors to clarifying your arguments for increased impact. This helps make the writing process easier for you by reducing the amount of time and effort you spend revising your manuscripts.
  • Journal rejection based on poor editing wastes valuable time and delays publication of your important research. Your papers will be accepted for publication with fewer revision requests, and your grants will be funded more frequently with less need to revise and resubmit.

Journal editors often reject poorly edited manuscripts without reviewing the merits of the science. With our editing services, you can “get it right the first time” and increase the likelihood that your target journal will accept your manuscript for review and publication.

Our high-quality editing will enhance your message and increase the impact of your findings. Journal editors and readers may not grasp your meaning if it is presented in confusing language. Even worse, editors and readers may disregard your research if it is presented with errors or inconsistencies that BioScience Writers editing services will help you resolve before submission.

A professional relationship with BioScience Writers gives you confidence that your research is always presented in good English with a clear focus on the impact in every manuscript and every grant. There is no reason to worry when you trust your documents to BioScience Writers. We will ensure you are satisfied with every revised document you receive from us!


Susan Marriott, PhD, President