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Our Security Policy

The security of our resources and customer information is a top priority. Because BioScience Writers understands that customer trust is built over time, we treat user data as a valuable asset and have built our services on industry-standard technologies that provide a high level of security. In addition to adhering to a strict privacy policy, BioScience Writers applies technology and operations practices that ensure that our customer data remains secure.

All documents and correspondence received for price quotes or contracted work are considered highly confidential. All paper and electronic copies of your text will be destroyed according to our internal document deletion policy unless otherwise directed. All of our editors and support staff sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement to ensure that your documents are kept confidential.

All BioScience Writers client accounts are password protected to ensure that personal information is not stolen. We recommend the use of reasonable caution with your account password. Don't give it to anyone, and use a complex passphrase that is unique to this site, and difficult to guess. Changes to your email address or password will trigger an automated email to insure that you are aware of any changes that are made to your account.

We use credit card payment services that expertly handle secure transactions to provide the greatest transaction processing security, to safeguard customer information, and to combat fraud. These providers comply with leading industry and government security initiatives such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), red flag, and GDPR. Please visit our cookie policy and our privacy policy pages to learn more about what information we collect, and how we use it.

Walter Bigford , Chief Information Officer

Walter Bigford, Chief Information Officer