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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of documents do you edit?

A. We edit and proofread all types of scientific documents, including manuscripts, grant proposals, reviewer responses, letters, reports, slideshows and dissertations in all scientific disciplines.

Q. What exactly will you do to improve my writing?

A. Depending on the editing level you select, we will proofread to correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, verb tense consistency, noun-verb agreement, and formatting consistency. We will also edit for clarity, word count, style, and impact, including eliminating jargon, smoothing language, and rewriting to improve sentence clarity and organization.

Q. What are your credentials?

A. BioScience Writers is an internationally-recognized scientific editing and proofreading company that was founded in 2001, and we have edited thousands of manuscripts, grants, and other scientific documents. Our staff members maintain active roles at various universities, and all BioScience Writers editors are native English-speaking, Ph.D.- or M.D.-trained scientists who understand the requirements for publishing in science, technical, and medical journals. Our editors have extensive experience working with documents authored by native and non-native English-speaking researchers. You can view biosketches detailing the expertise of each of our editors on our website. We are happy to answer any specific questions about our expertise.

Q. How is the editing done?

A. All of our editing is done on a computer using word processing software. Your completed revisions will include one file showing all of our changes so that you can accept or reject each revision individually and one file with all of our changes accepted.

Q. How much will editing cost?

A. Visit our prices page for our hourly rate and an estimate calculator showing the approximate cost for editing of documents of different lengths based on the level of editing requested. Because all of our work is done on an hourly basis, you can reduce costs by spell-checking your document and making sure it is well organized before sending to for editing.

Q. How long will it take to edit my document?

A. Typical turnaround time for a 20-page manuscript is 3–5 days. Longer documents may require more time, but can usually be completed in 7–10 days. You can send us your document for a free, no-obligation quote of editing cost and turnaround time. Rush service is available upon request but may require an additional charge depending on the required turnaround time, document length, and complexity.

Q. Can you revise my grant or manuscript quickly or on short notice?

A. Yes! We offer rush service as quickly as next-day for most documents (rush service may require an additional fee). Just email or call to let us know what you need.

Q. Can you format my manuscript for a particular journal?

A. Yes! Just let us know the title of your target journal. Even if your manuscript does not need changes in formatting, it is a good idea to provide the title of your target journal so we can make suggestions when appropriate.

Q. What file formats can you handle?

A. We can handle a wide variety of software file formats for both PC and Mac operating systems. If you have a question about a certain file format, just email or call to let us know what you need.

Q. Is your service confidential?

A. Yes! As fellow science and clinical researchers, we completely understand the need for complete confidentiality for all edited documents, including grant proposals and not-yet-published research manuscripts. All submitted documents are held in strict confidence. Our editors have worked on grant review panels and manuscript reviews and therefore fully understand the implications of confidentiality. We take confidentiality so seriously that everyone at BioScience Writers, editors as well as staff, has signed a legally binding nondisclosure and confidentiality agreement that covers all documents submitted to us.

Under no circumstances will your document be viewed by anyone outside of our company, unless you request translation or approve the sharing of your document. Further, only essential personnel will have access to your files, which are stored on our secure server.

If you wish, we can provide a signed confidentiality/nondisclosure agreement before you submit your document.

Q. Is your service secure?

A. We take security very seriously. We have an IT security professional on staff to ensure that all appropriate security precautions and standards are followed. All of our servers reside behind a firewall and receive the latest security updates. All traffic into and out of our network is monitored for suspicious activity. All files are stored on a secure server to which only our administrators have access.

Q. How do I submit a document?

A. You can either create an order and upload your document using our secure online system, or email the document to us as an attachment. If you email the document, please include your full name, address, phone, and email contact information, and any notes about your target journal or selected editing level in the body of the email. If you cannot email a document due to size restrictions imposed by your institution, let us know and we will suggest alternative options for sending your document. We also accept documents shipped to us on CD. We only accept documents provided electronically.

Q. How can I determine the status of my document?

A. If you submitted your document by creating an order through our secure website, you will receive an automatic confirmation email, including your logon ID and password. If you submitted your document as an email attachment, our Operations staff can provide your logon ID and password. Use your ID and password to log on to the online system at any time to check the status of your document, check your account balance, change your personal information, or submit a new request. You can also email or call us at any time for this information.

Q. How will I receive my revisions?

A. You can select to receive your revisions by download from our secure website or to have your revisions emailed to you as attachments. With either option, we will send an email notifying you when your revisions are complete.

Q. Can you provide a certificate stating that my document has been edited by BioScience Writers?

A. Yes! If you would like to receive a certificate with your revised document files, simply let us know.

Q. What if I am not happy with the work?

A. Please let us know immediately! We will respond quickly to completely resolve your concerns. However, if we cannot completely satisfy you with our services within 30 days of receiving your revisions, we will provide a complete refund. We are happy to report that we have never had a client request a full refund after allowing us to resolve any problems within less than 30 days.

Q. What are your payment policies?

A. Payment is due in US dollars or Chinese RMB. We accept a wide range of payment methods which can be found on our payment options page. In accordance with U.S. Treasury regulations, 10% late charges will be levied if the balance remains unpaid 30 days after the invoice date. We understand and accept that purchase order payments may take longer to process, and we are happy to work directly with your billing or accounts department if you provide their contact information.

Q. Can you work directly with my billing or accounts department to arrange payment for my orders?

A. Yes! We are happy to work directly with the appropriate contact in your billing or accounts department. Just provide the billing contact’s name and email address.

Q. Do you offer scientific writing workshops?

A. Yes! We offer instructor-led scientific writing workshops worldwide. Please see our workshops page for more information or email or call us.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

A. Yes! We offer a variety of discounts on our editing services. Visit our discount programs page to find a discount that meets your needs. We regularly post discount codes for our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter followers. We even provide discounts to our scientific workshop attendees and to participants at some scientific conferences.

We also work with universities, institutions, and professional organizations to provide group discounts to faculty, researchers, and members. Let us know if you want a group discount at your university or organization!

Need more information or have a different question? Please email or call us. We are happy to help you.

Joe H. PhD, Gastroenterology Editor, <br />Workshop Instructor

Joe H., PhD, Gastroenterology Editor,
Workshop Instructor