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Alyssa S., Ph.D.


Alyssa recently completed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Yale University, where she worked in Tarek Fahmy's laboratory, which spans immunology, engineering, and materials science. She is currently teaching a 300-level lab course at Yale. Alyssa's thesis research centered on rationally designing, formulating, and testing biologically-inspired nanomaterials to redirect immune cells to ameliorate various disease states. She has developed therapies for multi-drug-resistant cancer, HIV, parasitic infections, allergy, and infectious diseases. Her work has led to several peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, a patent currently licensed for cancer vaccines, and a clinical trial for peanut allergy. While at Yale, Alyssa mentored over a dozen undergraduate research projects, was a TA for nine courses, and completed 2 years of coursework (with honors) at Yale School of Management. Her contributions were recognized by several awards, including The Advanced Graduate Leadership Program Fellowship and the Harding Bliss Prize for exceptional achievement in engineering. Outside of the lab, Alyssa enjoys Tough Mudders, bartending, triathlons, Uber driving, nutritional biochemistry, and engaging people ages 0-100 in science by leading interactive demonstrations and presentations. Alyssa double majored in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering and minored in English at Carnegie Mellon, also playing varsity soccer and lacrosse. She is a voracious learner and her best self when coordinating interdisciplinary teams to complete complex and high-impact projects that will serve others.