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Leah D., Ph.D.


Leah is a biomedical writer/editor; she writes articles on various topics in health including diseases, drugs, and vaccines. She earned her Bachelor's degree in molecular and cellular biology from University of California, Berkeley. Leah then transferred to Yale University to conduct her doctoral research studying the role of activating and inhibitory molecules expressed on T cells in the systemic autoimmune disease lupus. After earning her doctorate degree in immunology, she conducted postdoctoral research at University of Connecticut, studying the role of heat shock proteins in systemic autoimmune disease. She has authored research articles and editorials in peer-reviewed journals such as Arthritis and Rheumatism and Journal of Immunology, and contributed to multiple ultimately funded research grants, including NIH R01 grants. Leah now writes on topics in health for doctors, scientists, and the general public. She is also a science review officer (SRO), coordinating the expert review of grants for medical research by recruiting expert reviewers, facilitating review panels, editing critiques, and creating a critique summary statement.