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Matthew H., Ph.D.


My scientific career began many years ago with an undergraduate degree in biology. During my studies I had the opportunity to work in a lab testing hearing loss in genetically altered mice and fell in love with science and research. After graduating, I joined the Peace Corps and became a science teacher in a remote boarding school in the hills of Botswana where I introduced laboratory lessons to an otherwise bland syllabus that only required rote memorization of facts. Upon returning to the US, I pursued a doctoral degree at the University of Vermont and solved the first structure of a replicative DNA polymerase attempting to deal with a missing nucleotide in duplex DNA. I stayed on in the lab as a postdoc and continued my studies of the biochemistry and structural biology of error generation by DNA polymerases. After my time in Vermont, I was offered a senior postdoctoral fellowship at Umeå University in the north of Sweden where I took charge of introducing structural biology and high-speed kinetics to the laboratory. While in Sweden I found that there was a real need for scientists who were good at communicating in English to help researchers write manuscripts and grant applications that would otherwise be unpublishable or unfundable due to problems with their language. I have embraced my new found role as a scientific editor and have been helping authors from around the world write manuscripts that are worthy of all the time and effort that has gone into their research projects.