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Christopher P., Ph.D.


Christopher grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. After numerous attempts to escape, he finally succeeded in 1989, when he headed to California to study biology at Stanford University. While there, he reported on campus science for The Stanford Daily, eventually editing the science section and writing "The Science Bug," a weekly Q&A column about all aspects of science. Realizing that he had fallen in love with the Bay Area, Chris chose to attend graduate school in biochemistry at the University of California, San Francisco, where he studied cellular stress responses and performed some of the earliest functional genomics studies using microarrays. Still unable to tear himself away from his beloved California, Chris moved on to a postdoc at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab and a staff scientist position at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, applying his understanding of genomics and cellular stress to the study of cellular senescence in aging and cancer. His research has been published in Cell,PLoS Biology, Nature: Cell Biology, and Science. During his postdoc, Chris started working as a scientific language editor, helping international scholars improve the English in their manuscripts prior to submission for peer review. Over the past six years, he has assisted scientists from Asia, Europe, and Canada submit and publish more than 600 papers. Last year, Chris finally cut the California cord. Hearing rumors that interesting work could be done in the Boston area, he took a research position at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, focusing on the transcriptional changes associated with brain aging and their role in neurodegeneration. He spends his days thinking about neurons and wondering what the weather is like in San Francisco.