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Tim B., M.D.


Tim earned his M.Sc. in biomedical science from the University of Amsterdam and his M.D. from the University of Utrecht. He has been a post-doctoral researcher at Harvard University since 2010. His academic background is of multiple origins; he is rooted in molecular biology and has studied medicine as a complementary education. He has since discovered a deep affinity for surgery and has come to strive toward combining the fundamental aspects of his scientific persona with the directness of surgical practice. His current research interests include liver metabolism, preservation, engineering, and transplantation. Tim's editing experience is focused on editing and writing scientific grants, fellowships, and manuscripts. He has always benefited from the tutorship of superiors, many of whom allowed him to review and edit their manuscripts. To Tim, the most important thing about editing is to concentrate the text to raw essence, so that the message comes across clearly and elegantly. The reason why he joined Bioscience Writers is because scientific data deserve to be represented by manuscripts that reflect the intrinsic value of the work.