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Scientific Grant Consulting

Scientists and universities face an enormous challenge obtaining grant funding due to intense competition for a limited pool of money. Competing successfully for these funds requires a cutting edge research idea with significant impact that is eloquently written. To develop a compelling grant proposal may require hundreds to thousands of hours, time that distracts scientists from conducting research. Yet, grant funding supports research and drives global scientific breakthroughs. The BioScience Writers grant consulting service provides collegial advice that has been proven to improve grant funding outcomes.

Our consulting services provide disciplined, strategic, and comprehensive grant assistance to universities and scientists at institutions. Grant proposals, particularly large, multi-investigator grants, involve many complex sections, and assembly of information from different sources. Efficient and skillful coordination of this process by our team ensures timely completion of the entire application for review and submission by the deadline.

We integrate project management and advisory services with scientific writing and editing skills. Our experienced team guides scientists through the grant writing process and ensure a complete, competitive, and on-time submission. We bring subject area expertise in the grant topic, the type of proposal, and the funding organization. We understand how to work with fellow scientists and granting agencies and have a proven track record.

Typical Grant Projects that we Assist with include:

Grant Editing: Use this service if you are writing a grant proposal and want an outside expert to provide feedback on your presentation style, clarity, organization, emphasis of significance and impact, and to ensure thorough grammatical precision.

Grant Review: Use this service if you want an outside expert to provide feedback on the science including interpretation of preliminary data, rationale of proposed studies and overall scope of the proposal. Often this service is combined with Grant Editing.

Grant Writing: Use this service if you need help writing a new proposal, or restructuring an existing proposal for submission to a different funding agency. This service is valuable if you have many other commitments, an urgent timeline, or you don’t want to pull your most trusted staff off of their projects, delaying necessary progress in the lab.

Grant Consulting Service Components

Select from the following suite of services or ask BSW to personally assess your grant goals and needs, and recommend a course of action from the following service options.

  • Identify funding opportunities: BSW will research potential opportunities that fit within the scientific scope, budget scope, timeline, application deadlines, and other potential eligibility issues to identify feasible funding opportunities.
  • Strategic planning: BSW will consult with you about your funding needs, which may include identifying key personnel, consulting with the funding agency, budget planning, developing project goals, establishing detailed timelines, and developing “fundable” ideas.
  • Coaching: BSW will assess and discuss the process and requirements with you, including how reviewers will assess the opportunity, and provide an overall understanding of the realities of funding opportunities.
  • Specific Aims evaluation: BSW will provide a constructive scientific critique of the Specific Aims page of your grant proposal.
  • Proposal evaluation: BSW will provide a constructive scientific critique of your grant proposal draft.
  • Proposal development: BSW will write and coordinate your proposal to ensure that it meets all guidelines and deadlines, and is optimized for success.
  • Submission: BSW will assist with navigating complex, unique, time-consuming submission forms.
  • Follow-up: BSW will manage grant revisions, respond to reviews, coordinate preparation and submission of annual progress reports, edit publications, etc.
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Susan Marriott PhD, President

Susan Marriott, PhD, President